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Rebecca is an odd person having grown up in the woods of rural Colorado near the base of Pikes Peak. There she learned how beautiful and fragile nature could be, and also the importance of capturing fleeting moments with a camera. She also learned how to be a good Civil War reenactor, how to care for horses, and that she is not very fond of domestic birds (chickens). Beyond that, her grandmother showed her all the magical things a sewing machine could do and her mother taught her the importance of reading and how to make the perfect loaf of bread (which she now can’t eat due to having celiac disease). She has two younger sister’s that she is now very jealous of since they are much taller than her, and are also not allergic to all the good things in life.

Today Rebecca enjoys traveling to new places, meeting new people, and taking photos of everything of interest. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has her MA in International Journalism and a BA in both History and Journalism. She works fun and odd jobs to pay the bills and travels when she gets the chance.


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